COM.POSTITIONS Kristianstad- Instructions


Instruction for taking part of Caroline Leander’s piece Penelope on Kulturkvarteret in Kristianstad (Sep. 2, 2014- March  2, 2015).

The concept Com.positions is part of Musik i Syd’s development towards digital scenes for music. It also gives composers an opportunity to reach a new audience through site specific music in public spaces.


A version for Android users will soon be available!


For Mac users download the app from App Store. It’s free!





To download COM.POSITIONS – Penelope from the App Store, click the link above

OR go into the App Store from your computer using iTunes, or directly on your mobile device. Searching for Penelope (without the quotation marks) is the easiest way to find the app on the store.


Tap on the Free-button, and when it changes to Install tap again and type in your App Store password.


If you downloaded the app on your computer you might need to sync your device with the computer to get it on to your mobile device. If you download the app on your mobile device the app will be installed automatically by the system and you will be able to run it as soon as it is downloaded and installed.


Good to know:

The first time running COM.POSITIONS – Penelope you will be asked to allow Location Services access to your current location. In order for the app to work as intended you need to answer OK to this question. What this does is that it grants the app access to your Location Services which is needed to make use of your device GPS in order to be able to determine your location. This in turn is needed for the app to work, since it’s playing different parts of the piece depending on where you’re located on the Kulturkvarteret in Kristianstad. If you by mistake were to answer Don’t allow to this question, close the app, navigate to Settings/Privacy/Location Services and find Penelope in the list of apps presented there. There you can give the app access to your Location Services. If you have Location Services turned off on your device you will need to navigate to the same place as mentioned above and turn it on for the device in order for the app to work as intended.




Start the app before you arrive at Kulturkvarteret.


Begin your journey on the library square. Choose your direction around the block by going to the left or to the right. Walk slowly around. Stop occasionally and listen to the music.


Glance at your display occasionally to follow your journey and see the islands you will arrive at.


You will get the best experience with a pair of headphones. Enjoy!





Project management and communikation: Musik i Syd, Ulrika Lind and Karin Hansson


Artistic Development: Scen3, Peter Lång


Compositions:  Cennet Jönsson, Ystad . Caroline Leander, Kristianstad and Peter Lång, Lund


App development: Haunted House AB, Henrik Nord


Recording and mixing: Tambourine studios, Mathias Schlegel och Mark Lowery, Gula studion, David Carlsson


Graphics: Henrik Nord andPeter Lång

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