Music experiences for young people

UNGA Musik i Syd is a unit of the music institution Musik i Syd. Our producers are located in Växjö, Malmö and Kristianstad. Together we produce and develop live music with our own musicians and freelance artists. Since 2010, our development activities within UNGA Musik i Syd have been carried out in the development centre, which is supported by Region Skåne and Kristianstad Municipality.

In collaboration with local organisers, we produce about 1,500 concerts, performances and workshops for about 150,000 children, young people and adults each year, in preschools, schools, libraries and other public venues in our region. As a result of our activities, qualitative music experiences can be enjoyed in venues, small towns and sparsely populated areas where it would otherwise not be possible to produce and perform a similar range of performances.

Outreach – being where the children are
Most of our activities are carried out as outreach activities where the children are in their own usual everyday situations, in preschools, schools, assembly halls, classrooms, auditoriums and gymnasiums. The musicians who tour with us are carefully selected, professional and experienced, and skilled in their instruments and in interacting with children. They play in small and large rooms, often during early mornings or afternoons for an audience consisting of preschoolers, pupils, staff and relatives.

Experiencing a music programme as a child can result in powerful feelings and impressions, and new insights… maybe something can be awakened in the children’s lives that they did not previously know about?

Annika Johansson, unit manager

New selection each year

During the late autumn, we select and put together new music programmes, which we present in an online catalogue and demonstrate during so-called performance days. At these, artists, orderers, organisers, teachers and pupils, preschool staff and younger children meet to find out about live music that can be ordered at a subsidised price. In our online catalogue and at our performance days, we also present complete programmes for the Swedish Arts Council’s state grant called Creative School.

Family series and festivals

We also strive to ensure that children and adults in our region can experience high-quality live music of various genres together, outside preschool and school, in places where it might not otherwise be possible to produce professional music programmes. More information about our public concerts is available via this link


Bild på barn som dansar.

Giving children and young people the chance to get involved

We work actively with children in reference groups and started the Musikrådet development project in 2017 in schools and preschools in Kristianstad and Malmö. We are also involved in running the regional collaboration project for young organisers called KulturCrew.

Development Centre
The Development Centre is part of UNGA Musik i Syd and Kulturkvarteret Kristianstad, and is funded by Kristianstad Municipality and Region Skåne. Since 2010, we have run projects and programmes there together with other cultural stakeholders, freelancers and researchers in order to expand the scope of our activities and develop new methods that promote children’s and young people’s encounters with music. We work on the basis of four main pillars: ongoing education, research, participation and digitalisation. A new focus area is defined each year, which has a connection to a current and important industry topic.

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Ida Fredriksson

Kommunikationssamordnare Musik i Syd / Kommunikatör UNGA Musik i Syd

Anna-Carin Fogelqvist

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