Musik i Äppelriket (Music in the Apple Kingdom)

Musik i Äppelriket (Music in the Apple Kingdom) was first held in the summer of 2016 and came from a desire to let culture and nature meet in a natural but innovative way. It therefore felt like a natural choice to hold the festival in Kivik in Österlen, a place that has always attracted artists who have wanted to describe the landscape around them in all sorts of forms. The festival is unique in the way it looks beyond culture: in addition to the range of concerts that you would expect to find at a festival, it also provides activities in the countryside, such as country walks at Stenshuvud set to music and children’s performances surrounded by greenery. This comprehensive approach enables an unusually broad range of collaborations – Musik i Syd and the association Pro Musica Simrishamn work together with an uncommonly large group of organisers, who get a unique opportunity to collaborate and work together to promote their respective interests every summer at Musik i Äppelriket, this regular and appreciated feature in the summer’s range of cultural activities in Österlen. During a summer week in Kivik, we gather world musicians, poets, nature conservation guides and biologists to sing the praises of nature and culture together in the middle of the most leafy and lush time of the year.

More information is available on the festival’s website


Susette Johansson

Producent kammarmusik / Båstad Kammarmusikfestival

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