Smålands Musikarkiv

Småland Music Archive

The Småland Music Archive contains large collections of unique music and dance material from primarily Kronoberg County, Småland and southern Sweden. The archive is open to everyone and has the task of being a source of information and a knowledge base regarding the development of the regional music and dance scene. The documentation is carried out by the organisation itself and in collaborative projects, and collections also come about as a result of gifts from individuals and other organisations. The material about music and dance that is collected aims to increase the understanding of historical and contemporary forms of expression in the contexts in which they occurred. The collections consist of many types of material: musical notes in written form, recordings, photographs, posters, newspaper clippings, musical instruments, personal and organisational archives and more.

The written musical notes that have been preserved include:

– folk music records from Småland and Öland, originals and copies

– military music from the Kronoberg regiment’s music corps

– composer archives

– written music collections from regional orchestras and choirs

– copies of music books from the 15th to 19th centuries, from the collections in Växjö Cathedral and upper secondary school

It is important to ensure the long-term survival of the content for the future, which often means digitisation. The memories, experiences, music and dance that are collected in the archive must be accessible. Småland Music Archive contributes to bringing the collections to life by publishing books and records, giving presentations and lectures, holding courses and workshops and via the website.



Mathias Boström

Arkivchef Smålands Musikarkiv


Småland Music Archive was founded in 1992 and is a regional music archive located in Växjö. The stated purpose of the archive was to take care of and develop the regional folk music documentation that had been accumulating since the mid-1970s, as well as the extensive music collections from the Kronoberg regiment’s music corps. The field of activity now also includes dance, popular music and entertainment as well as art and church music. The archive’s collections are owned by Region Kronoberg, but the organisation has been affiliated to Musik i Syd since 2003.

Contact details
Småland Musikarkiv/Musik i Syd
Nygatan 6
352 33 Växjö
Tel: 0470-70 03 00 (reception)

More information is available on the archive’s website


Mathias Boström

Arkivchef Smålands Musikarkiv

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