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Ensemble Mare Balticum is Musik i Syd’s ensemble for early music – Sweden’s only full-time ensemble in this category. The musicians perform music from the 16th to the 18th centuries on authentic instruments, both as traditional concerts for adults as well as historical music performances for younger audiences.



With its unique abilities, unusual complement of instruments and creative method of working, Ensemble Mare Balticum enjoys an excellent reputation, both in the south of Sweden and beyond. The ensemble is based in Kristianstad in Sweden’s southern region of Skåne, and also tours greatly in the rest of Sweden as well as making regular guest appearances in Germany and other countries around the Baltic Sea. 



The ensemble was founded in 1989 and takes its name from the Baltic Sea itself – Mare Balticum. In 2009 the ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary, and over the years the ensemble has benefited from collaborations with numerous performers and artistic leaders, such as Sven Wollter, Marika Lagercrantz, Sirkka Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch and Peter Spissky.



Ute Goedecke (voice, recorders, violin, shawm) • Per Mattsson (violin, viola da braccio) • Tommy Johansson (percussion, lute) • Stefan Wikström (trombone) • Fredrik Persson (dulcian) • Dario Losciale (viola da gamba, violone)


Producer is Jesper Hamilton.

Tfn: 0703-20 58 33

Email: jesper.hamilton@musikisyd.se



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