YAM Sweden

YAM (Young Audiences Music) Sweden is a network of producers from all over Sweden working with live music production for children and youth. The network is part of Regional Musik i Sverige and is a national subsidiary of JM International’s YAM program (www.yamspace.org). Its aim is to strengthen, promote and develop the regional music scene for young audiences in Sweden.

Producers from all over Sweden

YAM Sweden has about 50 active members from 29 regional music institutions. Everyone works with bringing high quality live music within a variety of genres to preschools, schools, festivals and other public venues within different regions of Sweden.

Stronger together

The network uses a Facebook group and gathers twice a year for further education, networking and exchange of ideas and experiences. This is needed because most members are working alone, or almost alone, in different parts of the country, often in a rapidly changing and innovation demanding work situation. The network works toward more equal opportunities and conditions to all its members by providing an overall view of the field, knowledge, practices and methods, enabling each and everyone to be at the forefront. 

Bobo Åkerros, Helena Rung, Anna-Carin Fogelqvist, Christina Vermandis

The Producer Academy

The meetings are planned by the Producer Academy, which consists of four permanent members and one provisional member from the host organisation. An aim is to arrange these gatherings in different regions each time, either independently or related to another regional music event, such as the Folk & World Music Gala, Nationella Musikmötet (The National Music Meeting) or YAMSession. Current members of the Producer Academy are: Anna-Carin Fogelqvist (convenor, UNGA Musik i Syd), Bobo Åkerros (Musik Västernorrland), Helena Rung (Kultur i Väst), Christina Vermandis (Musik i Blekinge).

Education and collaboration

The main purpose of the meetings is to create better opportunities for each individual producer to implement his or her regional mission more effectively and sustainably through knowledge sharing. Here, members meet across regional borders to make way for time and cost-saving collaborations, but also to enable lectures and workshops with more prominent people within the field, international speakers and researchers.

Examples of speakers who where invited at the latest network meeting: Ole Hamre, Norwegian musician and project leader of Kaleidoscope (Fargespill); Katri Saarikivi, researcher at Helsinki University, Department of Psychology, Cognitive Brain research Unit; Louise Lindén, entrepreneur and initiator of Live Green Festival; Julia Sandwall, musician and national coordinator of the Swedish music project Songlines – for young refugees.

YAM Sweden aims to:

  • Support and strengthen each individual producer by contributing to knowledge and experiences sharing, further education, skill development and collaboration across regional borders
  • Provide its members with a updated national and international overview of the field of live music for young audiences
  • Share knowledge, skills and experiences and prevent members from “reinventing the wheel”
  • Draw attention to and spread knowledge about the producer’s role within music for young audiences 

YAM Sweden’s vision

  • We will be a professional and national network, linked to JM International’s YAM program, which through various forms of skill enhancement promotes children’s and young people’s access to high quality live music.

  • We will promote the participation of children and young people and their access to live music.

  • We will actively work to meet the Swedish cultural policy and keep our members up to date with current research, new methods, discoveries and recommendations of the field, thereby increasing skills in general and raising the status of music for children and youth.

Short History

In its current form, the network was founded on May 4, 1999 at a young audiences conference in Karlskrona, as members and superiors decided that more regular national young audiences producer’s forum were to be held. Before that, two meetings had taken place in Gothenburg (1996) and Uppsala (1997). In November 1999, at a meeting in Västerås, the Producer Academy was created to plan and organise the meetings. Its first members were Margareta Norberg, Katarina Bonander, Kenneth Lindholm, Jan-Peter Dahl and Tommi Rasmussen. Since then, network meetings have been held 1-2 times a year (a total of around 40 meeting), often related to events many producers would have attended anyway.

Next YAM Sweden

Thu 6 February during the cultural political event Folk och Kultur, Eskilstuna.

Wed – Thu 11 – 12 November during the national autumn two day conference of UNGA Musik i Syd Utvecklingscentrum, Kristianstad


South Sweden

Anna-Carin Fogelqvist
UNGA Musik i Syd

Tel: +46 (0) 705 92 52 01


North Sweden

Bobo Åkerros
Musik i Västernorrland

Tel: +46 (0) 60-658 54 95

Earlier meetings:


  • Gothenburg 29–31 Oct during the Planeta Festival in Gothenburg
  • Luleå 8 May 2019 – one day meeting during Nationella Musikmötet


  • Gävle/Orbaden 29–30 August 
  • Luleå/Jokkmokk 31 January–1 February 2018 (related to Jokkmokk Marked)


  • Karlskrona, 31 May–2 June


  • Larvik, September (within YAMSession)
  • Västerås, March (within Folk & World Music Gala)


  • Stockholm, March
  • Zagreb, September
  • Kristianstad, November


  • Visby, June
  • Umeå, November (within Showcase Umeå)


  • Kalmar, January
  • Bryssel, November


  • Örebro, January
  • Jönköping, August


  • Glasgow, January
  • Sundsvall, August


  • Malmö, January
  • Gothenburg, September


  • Gävle, January
  • Jönköping


  • Malmö, January
  • Uppsala, August


  • Luleå, March


  • Stockholm, May (within Stora Musikmötet)
  • Eskilstuna, September


  • Halmstad, April
  • Linköping, October


  • Västerås, March
  • Falun, October


  • Östersund, April
  • Helsingborg, October (within New Earports)


  • Kalmar, Januari
  • Stockholm, May (within Musikmötet)
  • Gothenburg, October


  • Karlstad, April
  • Södertälje, November (within the Biennal)


  • Gävle, May
  • Stockholm, November


  • Karlskrona, May
  • Västerås, November (Producer Academy formed)


  • Uppsala, November


  • Gothenburg