About UNGA Musik i Syd

UNGA Musik i Syd (YOUNG Music in the South) is the young audiences department of Musik i Syd. We are a dedicated team of producers, communicators and administrators collaborating with professional musicians and organisers to brings high quality live music within a variety of genrers to preschools, schools, festivals and other public venues. Within various contexts, such as the music contest Imagine or specific concerts and events, we also create opportunities for children and youth perform on stage, with or without professional musicians, for an audience.

A development centre

In 2010 we started UNGA Musik i Syd Utvecklingscentrum, our regional development centre, where we run several projects and programs by which we aim to promote, highlight and develop music activities for children. We also collaborates with researchers in order to explore and more in detail investigate our field and present arguments about the impact of music and culture in preschools and schools.

Ensembles and musicians

Our two ensembles – Ensemble Mare Balticum and Musica Vitae – both have an extensive selection of well-established activities for children and young people. We also have two musicians, Laif Carr and Anders Larsson, working with young and elder audiences.

Aims and visions

  • We want to ensure that all children and young people in our two regions, Skåne and Kronoberg, can regularly experience live music in the form of well-designed, professionally executed and varied music performances.
  • We want to promote a rich and inclusive musical and cultural life for children and young people and to actively work to ensure the creation of more musical experiences of high artistic quality.
  • We want to increase child and youth participation in our range of activities.
  • We want to create more high-quality music productions for children and young people, by means of education and training, exchanges of experience and development projects.
  • We want to highlight, support and promote committed and skilled musicians who are passionate about playing for children and young people.
  • We want to continuously develop and renew our range of activities, by placing music in focus and working together with the independent music scene and other cultural institutions.

Get in touch?

Please call or email our communicator/project coordinator Marika Yamoun for further information .

+ 46 (0)708 20 58 99