Play for UNGA

Do you or your group have a music program for young audiences? Would you like to tour with UNGA Musik i Syd in the south of Sweden? We invite all freelance musicians to fill out a web form instead of emailing any particular or all of our producers. The aim is to make our process of selecting productions and musicians more transparent, available and open to all. 

Natalie Eriksson och Ali Sabah i föreställningen Resor över vatten


31 May – 10 Oktober: “Apply now” – link to our web form was distributed through our newsletter and social media channels. 

We need to know you exist

Freelance musicians across the country were invited to fill out the form. There we asked for information about the production and links to content that our producers needed in order to make an initial assessment.

Due to our geographical location, musicians based in the Øresund region have a higher chance of being selected. This, however, does not exclude productions from other regions or countries. Factors such as relevance, content, quality and our annual funding are taken into consideration.


  • You are an experienced singer or instrumentalist
  • You are genuinely interested in playing for young audiences
  • Your production – its statement, form and content – should be relevant for a young audience
  • Focus should be on the music; at least 60 per cent of the performance should include musical elements
  • You need to be available by phone / email during the selection and catalogue process and be able to perform on our Showcase Days: 22-23 January for school productions, 5-6 March for preschool productions

How to maximize your chances:

  • The production is well thought out
  • It has artistic and innovative qualities
  • Aspects like diversity, gender equality and accessibility are taken into account
  • The production has been shown to young audiences

Overview and selection

Throughout the year our producers are looking at more or less finished productions that may be interesting for us to present to young audiences. They also regularly check the incoming web forms to overview and analyse the field.

In November, all our producers meet to discuss productions at hand and make their selection. The final selection is made in relation to the whole. Our producers only contact the musicians who are part of the productions that they are interested in.

If you have applied and still haven’t heard from us after end of November, it means that your production did not get selected this time. We hope, however, that you will try again.

Dates 2019-2020

November–January: catalogue production, contact and information exchange musicians and producers

5 mars: preparation showcase, soundcheck Palladium Malmö

6 mars: Showcase productions for school and pre-school, Palladium Malmö

Autumn 2019 and/or Spring 2020: one or several tour weeks in the Skåne and/or Kronoberg regions