Unga Musik i Syd

UNGA Musik i Syd is the children and youth department of Musik i Syd – one of the biggest regional music institutions in Sweden. Together with local organizers and freelance musicians we select and produce music for preschools, schools, Creative School, public venues and festivals and provide opportunities for young musicians to perform on stage. Our mission is to bring high quality professional live music of all kinds to all children and youth (0–21 years) within the regions of Skåne and Kronoberg. Our music programs reach about 80 000 children every year. 


A development centre

In 2010 we started UNGA Musik i Syd Utvecklingscentrum, our regional development centre, where we run several projects and programs by which we aim to promote, highlight and develop music activities for children. We also collaborates with researchers in order to explore and more in detail investigate our field and present arguments about the impact of music and culture in preschools and schools.

YAM Sweden part of JM Sweden & JM International

YAM (Young Audiences Music) Sweden is a network of producers from all over Sweden working with live music production for children and youth. The network is part of JM Sweden (Jeunesses Musicales Sweden) and is a national subsidiary of JM International’s YAM program. Its aim is to strengthen, promote and develop the regional music scene for young audiences in Sweden. 

Imagine Skåne-Kronoberg

UNGA Musik i Syd organises the music contest Imagine Sweden in Skåne and Kronoberg. Our Imagine producer is Gustaf Säfström.


Från 2018 blir vi del av projektet Songlines, som anknyter till Imagine Sweden. Projektet vänder sig till ungdomar på flykt och skapar positiva upplevelser för unga musikutövare och musikintresserade.

Play for UNGA

Are you freelance musician and would like to tour with UNGA Musik i Syd? Application for autumn 2019 and spring 2020 opens in the spring 2018. You are welcome to visit our showcase days at Palladium Malmö in January and March where we showcase productions selected for autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

Contact UNGA

Would you like to get in touch with a producer or anyone else in our UNGA Team?