Ensemble in Residence (in english)

Trio Wolski and POST-SUN-VISION will be the Ensemble[s] in Residence (EIR) at Musik i Syd for a year and a half.

“We have been overwhelmed by the great response generated by the announcement of our new programme. As a consequence of this, we have decided to offer two ensembles a residency, which involves a mentorship based on the ensemble’s needs for a year and a half, together with national and international playing opportunities,” says Susanne Rydén, CEO of Musik i Syd.

Musik i Syd has appointed two young, promising ensembles that combine individual skill on their respective instruments with impressive ensemble playing and exploratory musicianship that drives the development of their genre forward.

Trio Wolski has an unusual setup, with a violin, an accordion and a zither. They base their music on traditional Nordic folk music but like to write their own material and also move within and across other styles and expressions. Trio Wolski, consisting of Hanna Blomberg (violin), Petter Ferneman (accordion) and Kristian Wolski (zither), has won several awards and was nominated as this year’s newcomer in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. In 2018, the ensemble released its first CD, Late Bloomer. More about Trio Wolski.

POST-SUN-VISION is a young, promising trio that in the tradition of good craftsmanship has the potential to be able to take the development of jazz forward. The trio has strong compositions that also provide enough freedom for improvisation and brilliant interactive combinations. The ensemble consists of Alice Hernqvist (piano), Aaron Mandelmann (bass) and Mario Ochoa (drums), and is based in Malmö. More about POST-SUN-VISION.




Magnus Karlsson


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