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Musik i Syd contributes as a partner in many different contexts in the southern Swedish jazz scene – a jazz scene that is very alive and which consists of many active musicians, jazz clubs, jazz festivals and other event organisers. We work with musicians and organisers, and also carry out exchanges with other countries.

Jazz producer

Mats Holtne
+46 (0)709-20 58 85 • mats.holtne@musikisyd.se

Jazz clubs and jazz event organisers

The region has a rich jazz music life, including several active clubs and event organisers. Musik i Syd also has an ambition to contribute to jazz music being experienced in environments other than the traditional ones – such as in concert halls, cafes and churches. This is appreciated and requested, and is not least a good way to broaden the potential audience for jazz music.

Here are some of the clubs with which we work together: 




Jazz festivals

Musik i Syd supports and collaborates with several of the southern Swedish jazz festivals.

The biggest commitment is without a doubt that we are the organiser of the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, together with the association Ystad Jazz. The festival has already established itself as one of the biggest Swedish jazz events of the summer. 

Musik i Syd also works together with other festivals such as Jazzmanifest in Malmö.


Concert series

Musik i Syd also collaborates with organisers that arrange concert series during the summer months, such as Goodnight Sun in Skåne. We are also involved in supporting jazz elements in events such as the Helsingborgsdagarna (Helsingborg Days).



Musik i Syd actively works to achieve an increased jazz music exchange between Sweden and other countries, and participates in fairs such as JazzAhead in Bremen and Apap New York. Musik i Syd is engaged in exchanges and collaborations with several international jazz venues and festivals, such as the Jazztage festival in Hamburg organised by Jazzbüro Hamburg, the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Islay Jazz, Elbjazz and many more.


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