Ensemble in Residence (EIR)

Musik i Syd presents a new international initiative for talented musicians.

In 2020, applications can be submitted by professional freelance ensembles to be the Ensemble in Residence (EIR) at Musik i Syd. The aim is to annually select a young Southern Swedish ensemble and make it possible for the ensemble to develop internationally, with Musik i Syd providing expertise, knowledge, support and access to networks. The application window runs from 10 January to 31 January 2020. The ensemble that is selected will then be in residence for 18 months.

“I am very proud to be able to present our new international strategy, where we invite young ensembles from various music genres to apply to be part of a new programme at Musik i Syd. We want to stimulate ensemble performances and contribute expertise and support at a crucial point in the groups’ existence, to help them develop an international profile. The programme allows us to come into contact with freelance musicians, while also making it easier for young ensembles to make a living from their music,” says Susanne Rydén, CEO of Musik i Syd

Groups in the areas of chamber music, jazz music, folk music and world music can apply. The ensembles must have existed for at least two years and have a strong connection to the Skåne and/or Kronoberg regions, and the members must not be older than 39 years of age. Musik i Syd has a well-established international network. During its period as the EIR, the ensemble will take part in various international events, perform at Musik i Syd’s regional venues and participate in organiser networks. The applications will be evaluated professionally by a jury consisting of both internal and external representatives.