From 6 June 2016 until 8 January 2017, you can visit the Archaeomusica exhibition – featuring sound and music from olden times in Europe, at the Monastery in Ystad.


The project, which will take you on a trip to the origins of music, also includes concerts, lectures and workshops


EMAP is a music-archaeological EU project, in which seven countries – including Sweden – will cooperate to highlight and bring to life the earliest music in Europe. And also to relate it to the music in modern society.


Multimedia exhibition


EMAP is a five year project that includes both multi-faceted research and also outreach events for children and adults. The starting point is a multimedia travelling exhibition, the first of its kind, which will reflect Europe’s earliest music and soundscapes. With the help of advanced reconstructions of musical instruments and also with pictures, both real and virtual, visitors will get a unique experience of a very early music and dance environment. Institutions and specialised craftspeople in Europe will create the “audio gems” that are to be included in the exhibition, such as Palaeolithic flutes, ancient lyres, old horns from southern Scandinavia and the Roman Empire, complex reed instruments and water organs from places such as Pompeii, and also several different percussion instruments and simple audio tools for creating signals, as well as for game calling, magic and rituals, and fun and games.


The exhibition has the working title The Sounds and Music of Ancient Europe and will have its opening display in Ystad, Sweden on 6 June 2016. The exhibition will then be displayed until 2017 [N1] in the other countries involved in EMAP, and probably also in Portugal, Slovenia and France. Concerts, workshops and other activities will be arranged to coincide with the exhibition, both for researchers and for the general public. Viewings and associated programmes for school children will also be part of the project.




▪ EMAP – European Music Archaeology Project, 2013–2018

▪ Initiators: researchers in Tarquinia, Italy

▪ Coordinator: Tarquinia Municipality


Project partners:

Cyprus (Cyprus Institute / Science and Technology in Archaeological Research Centre)
Italy (Regione Lazio / Assessorato Cultura and Università degli Studi della

Spain (Universidad de Valladolid)

Great Britain (University of Huddersfield and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

Sweden (Musik i Syd)

Germany (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut)

Austria (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)


EMAP_logo Slim_tracing_72dpiContact: 
Maria Videll, Communications Coordinator Musik i Syd, 0709-20 58 85
Martin Martinsson, CEO Musik i Syd, 0705-654294

Cajsa S. Lund, Music Archeology, Project Manager EMAP, Musik i Syd, 0708-20 58 85

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