“Enabling borderless cooperation – with a focus on music.”

The borderless nature of music is a source of inspiration for us on the Musik i Syd Board of Directors, and our region Skåne-Kronoberg is also rich in all kinds of music. In order to satisfy the demands and needs of audiences and the music industry, cross-cutting, borderless collaboration between musicians, producers, arrangers, administrators and politicians is exactly what is required.

Musik i Syd fosters and develops cooperation across municipal, regional and national boundaries. We work together with the music institutions in the largest municipalities. As a result of the decision to establish the Palladium in Malmo as a new venue for music and dance, audiences in southern Sweden now have even greater access to experiences featuring high levels of artistic talent. Music festivals are also an excellent means of developing international collaboration – our experience with Music Around 2002 whetted the appetite, as it helped many music-loving Swedes meet new Danish friends, and vice versa. A number of festivals also feel trans-national in terms of their content and approach, such as World Mix, Korrö, CoMA Festival and others.

We are also very pleased to see that municipalities are establishing contact between each other in order to benefit music audiences. Under their own steam and also together with Musik i Syd, municipalities are highlighting the importance of focusing on the specific needs of children and youngsters in terms of experiencing music.

Musik i Syd’s task is to be an initiating and coordinating force in the southern Swedish music scene. We want to help all interested parties to experience music, dance and music drama, in the roles of audiences or practitioners. We support organisations that implement high standards of quality. We make sure good financial management is observed. We are proud to work with music in our region as a public service that benefits everyone.


Overarching goals for Musik i Syd’s activities

  • To have an active coordination and development role in the music scene in the regions of Skåne and Kronoberg, with a comprehensive perspective.
  • To help establish a number of nationally and internationally significant special profiles.
  • To prioritise and develop activities for children and youngsters.



Board of Directors

 Musik i Syd Board of Directors 2019–2023

The Musik i Syd AB Board consists of all the members of the respective foundation boards (Musik i Skåne and Musik i Kronoberg).

:Emma Köster (M)
1st deputy chairperson: Eva Johnsson (KD), vice ordf.
2nd deputy chairperson: Jan Carlsson (S), andre vice ordf.

Board members:
Rabi Nicola (M)
Christina Anefur Borglund (KD)
Tiba Awni (S)
Alexander Aardgaard (SD)
Hugo Hermansson (S)
RosMarie Jönsson Neckö (S)
Margareta Schlee (M)
Annika Stacke (L)


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