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Welcome to a conference on digitalisation in the cultural sector!


Musik i Syd, supported by Region Skåne and the STRING Network, hereby invite you to a conference with free entry. The initiative is based on a new form of financial support that Region Skåne has provided since 2013. As a result of the Developer-In-Residence programme, cultural stakeholders can explore how long-term collaboration with the digital sector can lead to institutional development and new ways of working.









Welcome/Introduction – Peter Wilgotsson, Manager Festivals and International Relations Musik i Syd

Developing digitalisation in the cultural sector in Skåne–
 Gitte Grønfeld Wille,  Director of cultural affairs at Region Skåne

Photo: Gitte Grønfeld Willem source Region Skåne



Digitisation in our sector – Darja Isaksson, Senior Digital Adviser

A lecture providing inspiration about the effect of digitalisation on the creative and cultural sectors. Darja was named ”Most influential opinion maker 2016” in Sweden, is currently an advisor on the Swedish Prime Minister’s innovation council, and makes a major impact when she shares her insights into what digitalisation can do for individuals, organisations and society. Since her early childhood, she has had a keen interest in how technology can transform society, and she has funded and built two successful digital agencies in her career. She is currently working as a senior advisor, speaker and change catalyst.  








E-Culture Hamburg 2020 –
Dr Petrat, Director General for Central Services at the Ministry for Culture and Media Industry, Hamburg.

The use of digital media in the cultural sector – entitled as “eCulture” will change the cultural sector – the only questions remaining are concerning speed, its conceptual direction and structure. The Internet and digitisation of cultural content offer new opportunities for cultural education and participation which is an integral part of the mission of public cultural institutions. It will offer also new opportunities in marketing and academic use of culture. The question on how culture will be offered in a digital format will be a central task of cultural policy. Quality standards of the traditional cultural sector have to be maintained, at the same time new opportunities and requirements of the net community have to be addressed. The presentation will inform about the  “eCulture strategy” in Hamburg and about results already achieved. Dr Petrat is the Director General for Central Services at the Ministry for Culture and Media Industry, Hamburg. Before he had previously positioned at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry for Economics in Bremen, the Ministry for Economics in Hamburg, and at the European Commission in Brussels.





Musik i Syd: Digital development
Region Skåne Developer in Residence 2014 

Musik i Syd Channel – Why, how and the future – Karin Hansson, Communications Coordinator                  
MusikA – Children in rhythmic movement – Anna-Carin Fogelqvist and Marika Yamoun, Development Children and Youth Musik i Syd                 
Developer-in-Residence – To work with the Arts– Johan Salo, Interaction Designer and Founder of Do-Fi

Photo: MusikA



Bombina Bombast: VR in the work of Art – Emma Bexell  and Stefan Stanisic
Region Skåne Developer in Residence 2016

Bombina Bombast is a Malmö based performance company, working in the fields of interactivity, theatre and VR art. Recently Bombina Bombast has traveled the world with the VR-performance-piece The Shared Individual, a virtual reality performance, in which a large audience is tele-transported, through the use of VR, into the perspective of one person on stage, live. Based on this piece we will elaborate on how we work with incorporating theatre with new technologies, such as VR, and how we use this work to expand our audiences and the fields of our work. We welcome you to a talk about cool tech and artsy art!

Source: Bombina Bombast

with drinks and snacks at Grilljannes, roof bar at STUDIO




WANÅS KONST – Mattias Givell, CO Director of Wanås Konst
Region Skåne Developer in Residence 2015

Wanås Konst Center for Art and Learning produces and facilitates art that challenges and transforms our view of society, outdoors in the landscape around Wanås in Skåne. Wanås Konst produces site-specific, international contemporary art and learning while following its main tenets of innovation and access for all.

Photo: Source Wanås Konst



MONSUN THEATRE – Francoise Hüsges – Director and Artistic Director & Erik Schween – Press/Public Relations

Francoise Hüsges talk in their presentation Digital touch#Sense about the relationship between the digital way of life and the human senses. Based on the performance #MOMENT! they explain how we can feel truthful in a digital world. This production is a theatrical experiment in which illusion meets reality. It is a virtual dance theatre performance in exchange with the partner cities of Hamburg and Toulouse. Here are moments / screenshots of love – a survival-critical element.





Digitalisation is here: now what?
A discussion on how to work with and understand the benefits and challenges, advantages and threats of digitalisation in the cultural sector.   



Jay David Bolter –  co-Director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Wesley Chair of New Media, Guest professor at Malmö University.  
He is the author of Remediation (1999), with Richard Grusin; and Windows and Mirrors (2003), with Diane Gromala. In addition to writing about new media, Bolter collaborates in the construction of new digital media forms. Bolter works with augmented and mixed reality to create new media experiences for cultural heritage and entertainment.

Emma Bexell –

Stefan Stanisic –


Mattias Givell – Co-Director of Wanås Konst

Emma Estborn – Business Manager at inUse

Emma Estborn has a long background in development of the cultural and creative industries. At Media Evolution, she was working in close collaboration with Region Skåne on digitization of the cultural sector by innovative collaborations. Today, Emma is in the digital sector as Business Manager at inUse, with expertise in enabling valuable experiences with impact on both individuals, organizations and society, by understanding human behaviors. 

Francoise Hüsges – Director and Artistic Director Monsun Theatre

Moderator: Maria Engberg – senior lecture, Malmö University

Maria Engberg is a Senior Lecturer at Malmö University, Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, and an Affiliate Researcher at the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology (US). Her research interests include processes of media transformation under digitalization, digital aesthetics, locative media and media studies. She designs mobile media experiences for augmented and mixed reality for cultural heritage and informal learning experiences.




Summary, exchanges of experiences and view on digitisation  in arts and culture – Martin Martinsson, Managing Director Musik I Syd







The conference will be held in English. The closing date for registration is 4th December 2017.



Our conference will be held at one of Malmös most modern meeting points:

STUDIO in Malmö
The best planned meeting facilities in Malmö, a stone’s throw away from the Central Station!
STUDIO is a building that was created for meetings. It is a work-space with built-in support for innovation – a platform for Swedish businesses that are reaching out into the world and for international businesses who are reaching into Skåne. It is a place where the business world meets the cultural sphere – a living and breathing meeting point, 24 hours a day. 





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